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Tretakt. is a tribute blog of folkmusic. The pictures are from events and meetings I have been visit past the years.
In every folk-tune there is a special kind of mood, and you can feel it in your heart, like a magic touch.
It is a sensous tresaure-chest, always open and ready to give you everything if you have an open mind.

Enjoy :) and Folk On!

test (8K)
guldkatt_index2 (8K)

bysskalle_2013_a (33K)

Bysskallestämman 2013

20110215 (25K)

Hijazz February 2011

intro_20130410_4 (37K)

Jenny and Guldkatt at V-dala, April 2013

index1208 (27K)

Lohärad spelmansstämma August 2012

wik_2012 (20K)

Wiks folkhögskola august 2012