September 2012

September 29th

20120929 (99K)

Princess of milkyway and Tess in TeenIdol-competition at Kalithea, Greece.

September 22th

Guldkatt (This time announced as Guldkanten) :-) at harvest party at Byvallen, Storvreta. Different weather this time. Cold and rain. After the stage, a cup of free coffee in the restaurante, and playing nr12.

20120922_1 (73K)

Frozen Fastreel

20120922 (78K)

Stagewiev. Folks from Greatville.

September 21th

20120921 (194K)

Ancient fossil at pullheadwatersstreet. (dragarbrunnsgatan)

September 20th

20120920 (51K)

Guldkatt training for Storvreta!

20120918 (34K)

Soccer in the evening

September 16th

Skördefest på Wiks folkhögskola

Harvest home at Wik. Crowded and sunny event in the nicest surrounding.

20120916_5 (100K)

Ancient castle

20120916_1 (61K)

Proud to be annouced as countryside-players.(bygdens spelmän)

20120916_2 (102K)

Guldkatt playing three times in the school.

20120916_3 (52K)

Princess of milkyway

20120916_4 (71K)

September 13th

Goosetime. Teamleader in Tobo. New accordion. Seaman-songs from Bengan, Brännpers vals, and Rådjurssoppan after Oskar Larsson.

20120913 (65K)

September 8th


20120908_2 (74K)

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September 7th

Sun rise in the morning. Last day of work for this week.

20120907 (56K)

September 1th

New term for playcottage. Some talk about Tobo in October. Margreth have a new tune. "Farmers farewell" (Böndernas avsked) Classical touch. 20 players this time. And outside showers all day.

20120901 (98K)