January 2011

January 22th

Kalhäll. Good starter of the year. More pictures at Kallhäll

20110122_2 (27K)

January 20th


20110120 (40K)

January 19th

First touch of warm sun

20110119 (47K)

January 16th

searching for irish top ten

20110116 (39K)

January 11th

20110111 (31K)

Frozen Mallards beneath the bridge, waiting for the sunrise.

January 7th

20110107_1 (46K)

A glimp of the sun.

January 6th

20110106 (116K)

Sävjafolk meeting at Metromona, without Vespertinus.

20110107 (51K)

And again this winter....Snow from heaven.... The great and blue tit find the bird-food.

January 3th

Tour to Hanunda, HappyK and Mats residence in the land with even more snow. Playing pretty much new tunes.Good food and liqour for the ladies in the kitchen.

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20110103-1 (60K)

The dog is listen to hjortingen. Hunting-time?

20110103_3 (62K)

Schottis from Rödön.

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January 2th

Warm play in bitterly cold winter at Vendels Bygdegård. Appropriate tunes...Isbrytarvalsen and Christmas-march. Approximately 50 players and some dancers.

20110102 (38K) Fastreel

January 1th

20110101_2 (41K)

Visiting a church in the evening and listen to progg-mass.

20110101_1 (42K)

Horse with good political insights.

20110101 (124K)

Elvis has left the building. Service-staff prepare for new guests.