Kallhäll 2011

Crowed, warm, loud, and music all over the place. Few from Uppsala, but we meet Harpya inside the wardrobe just before return journey, and "gammal ljungqvistare" was so great. Fastreel got fiddle-prohibition because of necktrouble, but got a borrow-fiddle, so the show continued.

20110122_1 (48K)

Ski-starter, to be prepared for this evening.

20110122_2 (27K)

Some new sweet tunes from stockholm.

20110122_3 (26K)

play-people everwhere in this place.

20110122_6 (19K)


20110122_4 (44K)

Forbidden play on this fiddle.Fastreel is

20110122_5 (23K)