April 2013

April 30th

Chilly Valborg dont stop students to make this day a good party. Staying at the countryside, and play some good tunes instead of running down the streets.

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April 28th

First outdoor-play this season. Nice morning with lot of birds.

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April 23th

Sledge-training with Nicke

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April 18th

The Goose prepares for Tobo

20130418 (66K)

Bosse, Teamleader, and The hunter

20130418_1 (102K)

Flood for this season

April 14th

Playcourse with Robert Larsson at Skuttunge. "Schäsen, Fnulavalsen, Albins Waltz and Filagubben"

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April 13th

Grandplay with Playcottage. More pictures at Playcottage Grand 2013

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April 10th

EPTU at V-dala. Concert with Erik Rydwall and Olav Luksengård Mjelva,and a special gueststar. In the night Guldkatt playing for dance with Jenny, from the south. Great evening and also a lot of jam.

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Erik and Olav and Roger

20130410_2 (61K)

Beginning of the dance-play

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V-dala spelmanslag

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Jenny and Fastreel

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April 6th

Playcottage at Missionchurch. New tune from Erika.

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Blended tunes. Some new, some old. Some fast, some slow.

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Meg in the middle

20130406_3 (54K)

MrG, Black Groose-scientist, Erika and Stardust

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Metromona at the right side.

20130406_5 (70K)

PO and Horselady.

April 5th

Playparty at Tensta.Traditional play with meatsoup. 50 players and some listeners. Late entrance give us place on the stage. This was a great place with overwiev and good sound. Eklunda 2:an was one of the best tunes this evening.

Tensta_2013_1 (74K)

On stage

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Bohlins brudpolska

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April 2th

Spring-signs.Guldkatt training "Glory Bounds"

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