February 2012

February 26th

Spring is here!

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February 23th

Goose-session. This time with a new player from the neigbourhood.

20120223 (91K)

metromona and mandolin-man

February 22th

Guldkatt made plans for the spring with the manager.

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February 18th

Missionplay. Today with Erika. 30-35 players! All time high records! Perhaps some pictures at It-pedagogen

February 17th

Listen to GULDKATT

New Demo, live recording.

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By the way home. Slowdriving in the mist.

20120217 (42K)

"Blenda" made a safe ride.

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February 16th


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February 12th

Guldkatt recording a Demo-CD in Vassunda. Seven tunes!

20120212 (90K)

February 11th

Good old tunes from the past and some new! Playparty arrange by Hattrickman at Ekeby.

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Hattrickman and Urban

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February 10th

Guldkatt sharpen claws.

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February 9th

GooseAnders playing for springseason.

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February 4th

Saturdaymorning. -17 degrees below zero.

20120204 (54K)

Tobostämman 2012.
More pictures at Tobostämman

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