February 4th 2012

Tobo Spelmanstämma

Bangcold! (smällkallt) The weather did not stop us for a trip to Tobo. This time with the great artists Pär and Torbjörn Näsbom.

tobo_2012_1 (122K)

Despite fast speed in the cold, the strings hanged lose when we unpacked the instruments.

tobo_2012_2 (81K)

Näsbom brothers playing "Polska till Wiik"

tobo_2012_3 (58K)

Metronoma in the middle.

tobo_2012_4 (45K)

New nyckelharpa from "Emperor of keys"

tobo_2012_princess (90K)

Princess of milkyway, give thumbs up for 10-years of Tobo stämman.

tobo_2012_6 (33K)


tobo_2012_7 (94K)

Some Irish.

tobo_2012_8 (34K)

Basement jam.

tobo_2012_9 (58K)


tobo_2012_5 (202K)

Dancers. (photo: Princess of Milkyway)

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