August 11th

Spelmansstämma in Lohärad

Visting Lohärad for the second time. Small and cosy place. Great performance from stage.

loharad_2012 (89K)

The sunny warm weather keep us outside. The barn is empty of musicians.

loharad_2012_1 (97K)

Intro with kulning.

loharad_2012_2 (108K)

Allplay starts. Some tricky tunes, like Lövstapolkett.

loharad_2012_3 (106K)

Varied performance from stage. Here singing and mandola.

loharad_2012_4 (86K)

Coffetime in the secret room. Magnificent furniture. Quiet and feeling the history. Anecdotes from mother.

loharad_2012_5 (62K)

Dispensation room. Room for the poor people.

loharad_2012_6 (109K)

The Band. "Tvär"

loharad_2012_7 (116K)


loharad_2012_8 (136K)

Just waiting for some more play.

loharad_2012_9 (107K)

Taube, and other immortal tunes.

loharad_2012_10 (91K)

Bysskalle32 increase the voltage and intensity.

loharad_2012_11 (159K)

Tree of music.

loharad_2012_12 (137K)


Äppelbo gånglåt?

loharad_2012_14 (95K)

On the way home.

loharad_2012_15 (79K)

Cool mother borrow the music-hat.

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