June 26-27 2010


Bergsjöstämman. Låt-SM and concert. New tunes circling inside the brain.O-torgs kaisa, was unable to play this time, but presenting nordanstig very well. Lot of irish tunes this time. Winner of the tune was Görgen Antonsson. He also got this title 2008. Lovisa Hall got the pubilic prize.

20100626_2 (89K)

Concert at church in the evening

20100626_7 (78K)

Nordansstigs spelmanslag

20100626_3 (62K)

Tenting at "Dogskin" and trying little frogs around the maypole.

20100626_4 (79K)

Hudiksvalls hospital?

20100626_5 (54K)

Geranium silvaticum (midsommarblomster)

20100627_1 (68K)

Day two. Allspel and competition.

20100627_2 (115K)

Warm and sunny weather, and pretty nice view. At stage, Per-Hans and his son, Alexander.

20100627_3 (52K)

Princess of milkyway.

20100627_4 (63K)

Nice stop, and bath at Ilsbo-girl.