March 2011

March 29

Up-play at Hijazz. Ljungvistar-Waltz. Always a good tune.

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March 26

Inspiration arrives!

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March 25

Junkyard in feets, results in a calm week. But we shall overcome.

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March 19

Guldkatt at the festival "Alla är vi folk". Time to made a CD. More pictures at Guldkatt

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March 18

Fastreel got her fiddle-bow back from the fiddlemaker.

March 16

At least one hours traning every day this week.

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March 15

Hometown. This evening dress rehearsal for Golden Cats.

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March 13

Coal Tit (parus ater) testing peanuts.

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March 12

Alice Allison

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Yearmeeting, and playcottage. Erika teaching a new nice wedding-qtune.

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March 11

Fish for friday.

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March 10

Performance by the KUI-kvintett at Magdeburg.

20110310 (27K)

Sience of Bengan tunes.

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March 09

Mallards Diggers of blue-grass?

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March 07

Still winter through window

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March 05

Art of ginger

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March 02

Sunrise 06:42 am.

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