2010 May

May 31

Uppspelt at hijazz. First official performance from CATGOLD!

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May 30

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May 29

Final rehearsel before concert at hijazz May 31.

20100529_1 (29K)

Fastreel polish a tricky part.

May 24

Repetition...hupps the drums are so loud!! Finding Joels studentleg!

20100524 (73K)

Fastreel and a glimp of the drummer.

May 23

Celebrating The Zeller. He has got green fingers this season.

20100523 (32K)

Cool Brothers

May 22

20100522 (106K)

Drumsection in the forest?

May 16

Disastämman and Concert with "spelstugan"

Announced as "secrets guests" Olle and Ola enter the stage at Disastämman. We round off together with "Harpya". Tärnsjöpolskan and Östbjörka. The electric current disappeared in the final tune, because of increased waffle-making.

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Afternoon-concert with "spelstugan" at mission-church. Great tunes arranged by a fantatic Meg. Fastreel did a great job as leadfiddler.

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May 15

20100515 (97K)

Sunny and warm weather!

May 14

Terms out for course 13. Same tunes as last week, but faster this time.

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May 13


More musicians this year. Great allplay!

gasandersstamma_2010_1 (57K)

GåsAndersbygdens spelmanslag

gasandersstamma_2010_2 (71K)

Anders trying a new dimension of skuttunge-schottis.

gasandersstamma_2010_3 (80K)

Final common play.

May 10

Rehearsal with Bagman for Disastämman

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May 8

Playcottage with Erica. Dress rehearsal for next week.

20100508 (76K)

May 7

Terms out for course twelve. Fastreel and Badger got backup with a drummer.

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May 6

GooseAnders-Concert at Tobo

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Real GooseAnders-tunes.

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May 5

20100505 (32K)

Time to check in

May 3

20100503 (102K)

The flood

May 2

201005_2 (122K)

Playing a lovely irish tune with fastreel and leading horses to the grazing land.

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