April 2012

April 30th

Last April at Wiks castle. Fire, speach, coofe, and spring-songs.

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Princess of milkyway

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April 28th

First outdoor-play this season.

20120428 (98K)

Photo: Princess of Milkyway

April 25th

GooseAnders concert at Missionchurch. Traditional tunes from Björklinge.

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Listening to Hoven Droven at Katalin. This is real folk-heavy metal-grunge! Awesome!

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April 21th

Playcottage with Erika. Probably the best play ever. Removing dust from old tunes for the past years on the second floor.

20120421 (91K)

Starter Lövstapolska

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Skinnbracka med lucku

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Orsavalsen. (vals till Far)

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Elin Frids gånglåt

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Spelstinas Öka takten

April 20th

Time for Randal Bays in chilly weather.

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April 15th

Guldkatt at Eskil. This time with Princess of Milkyway, singing old and new folksongs.

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Princess of Milkyway

20120415_2 (60K)

Badger and Fastreel playing "Polska till Wik"

April 12th

Goosetraining for two concerts this mounth.

20120412 (124K)

April 9th

20120409 (77K)

At the residens of the statuecreator Bror Hjort.

April 8th

Musicevening with Aldo and Jacob. Nice new tunes.

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April 7th

Nicke homerun. Still to cold for out-play.

20120407 (101K)

April 6th

Guldkatt training now with vocals. Today rehearsal for tunes at Eskil. Ophelia training new words.

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