Oktoberstämma 2012

Since 2008 at UKK. Not crowded this time. Maybe the fore-tune took some life from the real thing. Brödkakan, Stamppolska, and Hem from Gesunda, was great tunes to play.

oktober-2012_1 (101K)

Ståbi and Bengan. Tremendous play.

oktober-2012_2 (74K)

Base-session in the corner

oktober-2012_3 (56K)


oktober_2012_4 (48K)

Walking harp-player in the top of the building.

oktober_2012_5 (96K)

Waiting for a new tune. The difficult part of this play. "- I want to play a tune, and dont know the name of it, and does not know the tunes in it."

oktober_2012_6 (29K)

twentyfour strings!

oktober_2012_7 (57K)

Fastreel, Amazone, and Neverendingman.

oktober_2012_8 (25K)


oktober_2012_9 (109K)

Where are they? (photo: princess)

oktober_2012_11 (46K)

Down there.(photo: princess)

oktober_2012_10 (53K)

Playing Soling-Anders?

oktober_2012_12 (64K)

oktober_2012_13 (65K)

North Uppland session

oktober_2012_14 (81K)

Irish session, behind the main way.

oktober_2012_15 (44K)

Small group in the corner.

oktober_2012_16 (35K)

Walking to the main entrance.

oktober_2012_17 (50K)

Harpers at the bar

oktober_2012_18 (51K)

Hälsingland. Hultkläppens Absolute-polska.

oktober_2012_19 (32K)

Guldkatt have a short break.

oktober_2012_20 (39K)


oktober_2012_21 (52K)

Bagman and Badger(photo: Fastreel)

oktober_2012_23 (52K)

The Black Groose scientist.

oktober_2012_22 (60K)

Playing in the elevator

oktober_2012_24 (42K)


oktober_2012_25 (39K)

Startingbox for keyharpplayers.

oktober_2012_26 (80K)

Schottis from Rödön

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