Ekeby spelmansstämma 2012

Visting a small and nice spelmansstämma 16 km west Uppsala for the first time ever.

vange_20120527_2 (105K)

Eva Petterson leads the allplay.

vange_20120527_3 (116K)

The audience applaues.

vange_20120527_4 (98K)


vange_20120527_5 (85K)

...and more play in the stable.

vange_20120527_6 (125K)

Perfect weather for playing. No wind, and the sun genlty warm.

vange_20120527_1 (91K)

Ekeby attraction. The windmill.

vange_20120527_7 (66K)

Summer! The dandelions stucked in the guitar-case

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