Tobostämman 2013

Lovely Spelmansstämma with nyckelharps-tunes blended with Deer-Anders (HjortAnders) and Important-Lasse (Viksta-Lasse) As usual some new tunes. The-Sun-Maids-Valley-band (Russindalen) doing the race at the dancefloor. We was seated almost hole day upstairs in small rooms without air, but a lot of tunes.

Tobo_2013_1 (80K)

On the way out, two white-tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) partied on a smorgoosebord

Tobo_2013_2 (54K)

The Field-villages-boy Sture told a story the involved Viksta-Lasse and beer in the middle of the night.

Tobo_2013_3 (78K)

Mr G in good shape.

Tobo_2013_4 (84K)

T-Torosen, in galluses.

Tobo_2013_5 (65K)

Black-Groose-scientist, and Fastreel.

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Tobo_2013_7 (44K)

Tunes in workbench-section.

Tobo_2013_8 (35K)

Hm...several electric instruments.

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