August 2013

August 29th

GåsAnders tuffar på när hösten gör sig påmind

20130829 (52K)

August 25th

Tegelsmora-dagen, Jacke Sködin och GåsAnders är dragplåster.

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gasanders_tegelsmora (103K)

GåsAnders (Foto: Startingsson)

August 23th

Start for playcottage! Several tunes from the past that we put up from the dust.

20130824 (61K)

August 22th

Official Goosestart

20130822 (51K)

August 19th


30th anniversary of Bysskallestämman. Good play, nice weather, and of course meatballs. More pictures at Bysskallestämman 2013

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August 10th

Weddingparty in Tranås. Playing for Frida and Martin. Cermony in the forest, near the lake. Good to have a amplifier for batteryuse. Between the wedding cake and waltz we play polonäser and marching outside to the banquet hall. Common thing in Norway,and not so diffucult to learn.

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Soundcheck, Fastreel

20130810_2 (115K)

Badger in the blueberry-field.

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The brides get lucky. Rain after the cermony.

August 4th

20130804 (132K)

Traditional holiday breakfast gig on the frontpatio.