January 2011

January 31th

Home. Feeding six Bullfinchs.

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January 26th


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January 21th

Between trainsessions. Horsewalking with the manager.

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January 21th

Kallhälls Spelmanstämma. Mostly tunes from the valley-part at the beginning. New friendships in the middle, and good old friends at the end. More pictures at Kallhäll

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January 19th

"GooseAnders-start" Talking stage-performance.

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January 16th

Playing from "the list"

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January 14th

Guldkatt trainsession

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January 13th


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January 8th

Christmas-party at Balingsta hembygdsgård

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Dalby-Rune, with friends, playing christmascarrols.

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January 7th

Guldkatt training new tunes for February. Meanwhile breathless experience in Eskilstuna. Lars Lerin. Outstanding

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