Nowember 2012

Nowember 29th

Cold and snow.

20121129 (118K)

Nowember 24th

Playparty!!! 2012

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Nowember 18th

20121118 (98K)

Training spring-drops from Sahlström. Horses dont care in the mud.

Nowember 16th

20121116 (59K)

Friday, at last. Some play tonight.

Nowember 13th

20121113 (77K)


Nowember 12th

20121112 (120K)

This is Uppsala. Bikes in every corner.

Nowember 10th

Playcottage, with Erika. First traditional session this year with Wishing-round and one new tune from Erika.

20121110_1 (59K)

21 players this time.

20121110_2 (92K)

Erika, Hattrickman, and Metromona

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Nowember 9th

Mårten Gås

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Nowember 7th

Morning 6:30 pm. The horses feeded with hay, and the newspaper is waiting in the letter-box.

20121107 (58K)

Nowember 6th

Summer in the city. Despite middle of Nowember the snow is far away and new tune are coming from Guldkatt.

20121106 (81K)

Nowember 4th

20121104 (49K)

Almost done with all tunes in the jig. Time to go for the chords. Fastreel picking up the leaves in the afternoon.

Nowember 3th

20121103 (74K)

New jig on the reportuar! "You Can Call Me Big Al" This jig needs a toolbelt.

Nowember 2th

20121102 (53K)

Afternoon-thinking-new-tunes-in-the-head. Tonight session just for two.

Nowember 1th

20121101 (81K)

Goosesession. Bengan in good mood.

Oktoberstämman 2012

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