September 2011

September 25th

Fingers burning of impulse for folkmusic. Two nice hours for training.

20110903 (65K)

September 22th

Guldkatt visting Copenhagen. This time without instruments but with open heartfull minds.

20110922_1 (28K)

September 18th

Tea-dance in sports-arena.

Playcottage traning for dance-play. Few dancers and more players.

20110918_1 (47K)

Meg and HappyK

20110918_2 (38K)

Stardust playing for dancers

September 16th

Adelas birthday.

Visiting Adela at Åkerlänna. The Ironlady.

20110916 (63K)

Bosse singing herring-waltz

20110916_2 (64K)

Playing all evening

20110916_3 (79K)

Adela in the middle of the picture.

September 10th

Night of culture

Last day of summer? Warm och nice weather. Guldkatt plays at Gillet in the middle of the day and at Uplands nation in the evening. This time more music from Sweden, and premiere for one selfmade tune. "hullingen". 20110910 (81K)

Fastreel, an angel with fiddle.

September 9th

Two and a half hours training for night of culture.

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September 8th


20110909 (41K)

The play-leader

September 4th

Tunabackarstämman first sunday in September

Worldpremier. More pictures at Tunabackarstämman 2011

tunabackar2011_7 (48K)

September 2th

Trainsession for Night of culture. Hollyhocks listening carefully.

20110902 (57K)