2010 August

August 28th

Electric session

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Starting with coffee-break, and doorpainting.

20100828_2 (86K)

Old tunes from France and NorthUmbria. Fastreel adore the sound.

20100828_3 (59K)

Bagman demonstrate the electric bagpipe, as an instrument and a goose.

August 26th

Starting term for GooseAnders

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20100826_2 (37K)

Kruthandlarns vals

August 25th

Locked dementia-place at Stenhagen.

20100825 (58K)

August 24th

Hijazz and uppspelt. Lot of people this time.

20100824 (60K)

on the bus.

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August 19th

20100819 (70K)

Celebrating a great fiddler and friend.

August 15th Bysskallestämman

Goood play run aground sunny weather and a lot of musicians. More pictures at Bysskallestämman

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August 12th

Playing in Townpark

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August 11th

Recording for Night of Culture

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August 1th

Visiting Vigelsboängstämman for the first time. Great play, and sunny weather. More pictures at VigelsboängStämman

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