August 2011

August 29th

Görgen Antonsson and Draupner at Hijazz. Great evening.

20110829 (32K)

Up-folk. Trainingband with Görgen courses past some years.

August 24th

Time for a trip on Mälaren. Green water on the lowerside. Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo)waiting on bridge for some fish.

20110824_2 (54K)

Great Cormorant

20110824 (30K)

August 21th


Klockstapeln, Byggnan, Bysskalle25. Common tunes this day. More pictures at Bysskallestämman

bysskalle2011_9 (55K)

August 20th

Flying start with Playcottage

Two new tunes! Training for several performance in the future.

20110820 (37K)


20110820_1 (30K)


August 13th

Loskälva spelmansstämma

Back to the roots. Winds of history. Playing alone for my diseased uncle Conrad upstairs. Playing from stage with two nice people from Stockholm. More pictures at Lohärad spelmansstämma

loharad2011_4 (83K)

August 11th

Taste of early autumn

20110811 (61K)

August 10th


20110810 (87K)

August 3th

Some rest from Folk this time. Charging batteries for some new tunes.

20110803 (57K)

Badger satisfied with all festivals and new playmates.

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