December 2012

December 31th

Last day of the year. Playing some oldies goodies from this year. Spring flood!

kanin3 (73K)

Rabbits in the stable

December 30th

Nice afternoonplay at Hawkeye.

20121229 (77K)

Hawkeye, Fastreel, and Princess.

20121230 (30K)

Great skiing-tour with company.

December 28th

Final call this year for playstation. After work proceeding to Vendels district-building between Christmas and New Year-play . 35 players and over hundred tunes. «Brödkakan» and «Bakvända Reprisvalsen» was not familiar for the Easter-boys.

20121228_2 (55K)

Fastreel playing «Danmarkarn»

20121228_4 (56K)

Easter-Boys playing eastertunes.

20121228_3 (68K)


20121228_1 (75K)


December 27th

Playsession at Hattrickman. Sisterspolsk and donut-tunes.

20121227_1 (76K)

A short glimp of the sun.

20121227_2 (31K)

PO and Hattrickman.

20121227_3 (30K)

The donut-tune

20121227_4 (43K)

PlayingLovice and Stardust

December 26th

Hawfinch visiting once again!

20121227 (62K)

December 24th

Celebrating christmas in the stable.

20121223_2 (82K)

and playing Jonny Cash inside.

20121224 (55K)

December 23th

Starting christmas and playing for homeless at Michaels-church.

20121223_1 (84K)

Princess, Fastreel, Badger and Stardust

December 20th

New member in the family. Thinking of a comformable name.

20121221 (77K)

December 18th

Passed the Anatomy-test!

20121218 (47K)

December 15th

Parkingplacetrouble at shoppingcenter. The same thing beneath the birdfeeder. This time with Bramlings (Fringilla montifringilla.

20121215 (73K)

December 14th

Lunchtime in the centre of Uppsala.

20121214 (125K)

December 9th

Cold. Skiing. Greenfinch sitting in the apple-tree.

20121209_1 (71K)

Sun is somewhere in the mist.

20121209_3 (34K)

Terms out for playcottage. Flottsund with the church-choir.

20121209_4 (61K)

December 8th

Playcottage and this time with christmas-market. Playing 15 minutes, and missing the porridge.

20121208_1 (46K)

still life

20121208_3 (71K)

Horselady, Cowgirl, and Hattrickman.

20121208_4 (54K)

Metromona, PO, and MrG

December 2th

Horses in the snow. Testing Modul 1 indoors.

20121202 (48K)

December 1th

Nice saturday.Visiting Eva and Aldo under the roof-top. A lot of new tunes and good food.

20121201_1 (61K)

Polska from Fågelsjö

20121201 (69K)