March 15th.

"Alla är vi folk"

The morning start with power-failure and stormy weather. This little things dont stop Guldkatt to be in time for playing at "Alla är vi folk" in Stenhagen.

stenhagen2014_1 (206K)

Some snow in the morning

stenhagen2014_2 (188K)

This day starts with Line-dance

stenhagen2014_3 (152K)

Happy lines

stenhagen2014_4 (289K)

And after the dance, Guldkatt enter the stage. The speaker announce us as swedish and irish music. Well...not so many irish tunes today. More a mix from scandinavia. And a touch of US.

stenhagen2014_5 (301K)

First performance for Princess of milkyway on the Nyckelharpa. 1814 and "With Ludvig i Sekken" Selv confident Princess. Like she hasn´t done anything else.

stenhagen2014_6 (170K)

Amazing charleston and lindy hop!

stenhagen2014_7 (200K)

ESI, Tobo. Dance and music at the same time

stenhagen2014_8 (182K)

Håkan Larsson. Great harmonica-player and work-shop-leader on this event.

stenhagen2014_9 (199K)

Endes.Black Groose scientist in the middle, and Stardust on the left. Roots of Uppland-tunes.

stenhagen2014_91 (237K)

The obligatory " Us on the red couch " photo.

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