March 29

Playing along at hijazz in the evening.

March 28

Concert with Bagman and Badger. Bagman telling the story about his instrument and afterwards a concert.

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March 25

Goosetrain. Spring is still far away.

March 20

Play-course with two Larssons at Skuttunge bygdegård

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Bosse and Robert Larsson teaching 20 expectant people old and almost forgotten tunes from GooseAnders, and some tunes made by their own.

March 11


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March 09

Hawkeye and Badger playing three tunes on a birch-address at the museum of evolution.

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March 07

Cancelled electric jamsession.
A jamsession with fiddle, bagpipe and guitar this weekend ended with a broken bone before we had started. Fastreel fell on the slippery path on the way to dance-school.

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March 05

Bingsjö seems far away

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March 04

GooseAnders Trainsession

20100304 (79K)

The leader organizeing the performance this year.