January 30

OlaOcO-meeting in Häggeby

January 27

Playing with Olle Gällmo and Suranjana. Swedish folkmusic in a new dimension.

20100127 (34K)

Waiting to catch a bus in the snow-storm. Notice the bikers!

January 23

Great play at Kalhäll. Pictures at.. Kalhäll 2010

January 20

GooseAnders lunchconcert at mission-church. Nice play. Pictures at GooseAnders homepage

January 9

Start of play-cottage in Mission-church. Meg persumed that the cold weather would decrease the players today, but she was wrong. 23 people came. Good tunes and warm and friendly atmosphere.

20100109_1 (28K)

Ingers brudvals

20100109_2 (40K)

HappyK wants to play "gubbstrutten"

20100109_3 (38K)

HappyK, Playinglovice, and Hattrickman
playing a "good day-tune" (hälsingelåt).

January 7

GooseAnders start
Starting Goose. Only half manship this time, maybe because of the cold weather.

20100107 (17K)

Night at the saw.

January 3

Danceplay at Skeppis
"olaoco" play at skeppis. Lots of people and we meet the great fiddler Dieter.

20100103 (39K) Dieter, Badger and Birchgirl

New year

Celebrating the new year in Lilltibble with Fastreel Hawkeye and Bagpiper. Nice evening. Good food and lot of tunes.

2010_0101 (26K)


2010_0101_1 (45K)


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