January 2014

January 25th.

Playcottage. Nice play in January. Todays special. Halls vals.

20140125_1 (148K)

PO, and HappyK

January 19th.

20140119 (143K)

The way.

January 18th. Midvinterstämma Kallhäll

kallhall_2014_92 (137K)

The year of folkmusic starts with Kalhäll. More pictures at Kalhäll 2014

January 17th.

20140117 (99K)

Morning of walking

January 12th.

20140112 (168K)

Twenty-days Knut at Balingsta. Ann, Bosse and Guldkatt stand up for the dance and music.

January 3th.

20140105 (65K)

Playsession with Jane. Valleytunes, (dalalåtar) GunCharles, (Bysskalle) and a lot of other tunes in four hours.

January 3th. Playparty at Startingssons.

20140103_1 (71K)

Lot of tunes this afternoon, with good company at Startingssons.

20140103_2 (52K)

Ulrik. The bats are happy that he is indoor, eating some excellent turkey-pie.