Nowember 2011

Nowember 24th

Goose time! Two new tunes and some tricky oldies goodies.

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Nowember 23th

Guldkatt training traditional squirreltune all week long. Ophelia accompanies with african touch.

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Nowember 19th

Sun breaking the clouds and Guldkatt dreaming of new plans for next year.Exciting!

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Nowember 12th

Dreaming? No it is true! LAU at Dalby Bygdegård. Two hours of incredible tunes from Scotland.

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This is Nowember.

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Nowember 11th

Mårten Gås-party with GåsAndersbygdens spelmansslag.More pictures at Mårten Gås-party gas_2011111_6 (57K)

Nowember 9th

06:37 am. The sky turnes red.

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Nowember 7th

Irish tunes two hours a day.

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Nowember 4th

Folkmusic lightning up the darkness. Guldkatt singing christmas-songs and mixed it with american tunes!

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Nowember 3th

Trainsession GooseAnders. Next week "mårten gås party".

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Nowember 1th

Work turned up like a mountain and overshadows the play. Tonight only one member gently trying some guitar.

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