Februari 2013

25 Februari

Time to put the final tunes in Durhams reel.

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23 Februari

Playcottage. Fastreel home in bed cure the cold. 30 people this time. Erika draws the crowds! New tune from Kalle Almlöf.

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Hattrickman and Badger photographing

20 Februari

Goose-time. Concert in Björklinge, next week.

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19 Februari

On the way home. Fastreels car, singing in different tempo at every traficlight. Senpolska and reel in same time.

20130219 (23K)

18 Februari

Lonely blues-tunes in the evening. Talking to the horses in the stable about next tour. Listen to the wind from north.

20130218 (39K)

15 Februari

Concert at Gränden featuring Stardust.
Listen here

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9 Februari

Tunes of the night

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7 Februari


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3 Februari

Fox on the run

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2 Februari


More pictures here!

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1 Februari

Solsken. En och en halv timmes spel på kvällen.

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