May 2011

May 31th

Guldkatt at Hijazz. One years anniversary of the swedish folk with irish touch. Thanks to Celal for drumming on Fredriks schottis. other tunes: Fastn,Jig, Lowers waltz and two reels.

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"photo: Princess of milkyway"

May 28th

Akustiskt in Tobo.

Outstanding artists. Listening to Erika Lindgren/Liljenstolpe and Per Gudmundsson, Martin Hayes in the evening.

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May 22th


Summerfeeling. A taste of coming outdoorsplay. 40-50 fiddlers and nyckelharpsplayers, and two bagpipes. Some different music from stage, made this day special.

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May 21th

Early summer. Two hours with golden cats hits.

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May 20th

GooseAnders concert at Scandic Hotel.

Playing for over 100 warmlands-people.

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Bosse and Ulf even got the nyckelharps this evening

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May 19th

Trainsession for GooseAnders

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carin hunter, looks like an indian-girl with the fiddle in front

May 15th

Springconcert by Playcottage at missionchurch

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May 12th

Goosetime. Training for Scandic Hotel.

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May 8th

Zeller and Prappe visiting.

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The Zeller

May 7th

Irish folkmusic sometimes requries this kind of beverage.

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May 5th


May 4th

Some minimalistic, smooth afternoon-feeling with rythmics from a summerglimp. Passing the sun just in time.

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May 1th

Anemone nemorosa

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