2010 June

June 30

Visiting the Emperor of keys in northern Uppland. 20100630 (62K)

Emperor,Fastreel and Princess.

June 26-27


Bergsjöstämman. Låt-SM and concert. New tunes circling inside the brain.O-torgs kaisa, was unable to play this time, but presenting nordanstig very well. Lot of irish tunes this time. Winner of the tune was Görgen Antonsson. He also got this title 2008. Lovisa Hall got the pubilic prize.
More pictures at Bergsjöstämman 2010

20100626_2 (89K)

Concert at church in the evening

June 17

Sävjafolk rehearsel

Meeting at Metromona, refreshing some good old tunes.

20100617 (78K)

Excavator at walkingstreet

20100617_1 (78K)

Hattrickman,Vespertinus, PlayingLovice, Metromona, Badger.

20100617_2 (43K)


20100617_3 (96K)

Baltzerjungfrun    Photos: by the Norwegian.

June 15


20100615 (56K)

afterwork at KUI

June 13


GooseAnders add splendour to Björklingedagen.

20100613 (93K)

Margareta, Bosse, Ulf and Jan

June 12

Sunshine story

20100612_2 (45K)

Sunshine story at "hugos" Nice performance even if one string was broken on the Fender. Here is some audio-sample.

June 06

Nationalday at Dalby bygdegård.

Lot of people in the sunny weather, singing "du gamla du fria"

20100606_1 (92K)

and kungssången

20100606_2 (75K)

Catgold tense the strings, and check the drums.

20100606_3 (81K)

and playing fast and furious reels.....

20100606_4 (72K)

and some smoothy things.

June 04

Screaming students jumping and drinking on trucks.....

20100604 (43K)

June 03

Terms out for GooseAnders. Meeting at Metromona and Sverre.

20100603 (85K)

Playing outside at the new terrace.

June 02

Next stop Bollnäs

20100602 (49K)

June 01

Celebrating Eva and Torbjörn

20100601 (65K)