December 2010

30 December

Training for another cool tune from Sturla Eide.

24 December

Town-missionsplay with Stardust and Fastreel. Great play. 20101224 (84K)

23 December


20101223 (45K)

18 December

preparing for christmas.

17 December

Terms out for Up0938. Short entrance by badger.This time trained for the tune.

16 December

Gothenburg-play with Torosen and friends. Nice play, and a nice serpentine-outro.

20101216 (33K)

12 December

Celebrating Lucia in Missionchurch

20101212 (58K)

This time with the rocker "schottis from Idre" Photo by princess

11 December

20101211 (73K)

Trainsession for playcottage.

10 December

20101210 (40K)

Terms out for orientation-course. Dont stand up and play without practise, even if it is your own tune.

09 December

20101209 (34K)

GooseAnders last trainsession for this year.

2 December


Training difficult tunes.

20101202 (62K)

Eva and Jan