June 2012

June 24th


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June 23th

Afternoon sun

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June 22th

Traditional Midsummer-play, in Läby with GåsAnders. This time the weather is perfect. Playing, "Little frogs", "Oh, girl oh me" "Fox running on the ice" and at the final "the Rocket"

20120622 (123K)

Bo, teamleader, and Bo

June 21th

Happy Midsummer!

20120621 (89K)

Playing in the middle of the night. Sun just some minutes to rice.

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June 16th

20120616 (146K)

Guldkatt session. Flowering tunes. Sounds good!

June 13th

Sheep at the court-place in Säva.

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June 9th

Playcottage polish the form for Bingsjö. Be there 4 July 22:45!

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Take it one more time. And a bit slower!

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Schottis from Norway

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Now two guitars in the ensamble!

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MrG, The black goose scientist and Hattrickman.

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Grillparty in Balingsta in the evening. Guldkatt playing some tunes and after that some singalong with the president of Ransta-festival.

June 6th

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Waiting for standard-bearer on National-Day in Björklinge kyrka.

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Here they are !

June 5th

20120605 (75K)

Colorful "Graphosoma lineatum"

June 1th

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