December 30th 2011

Midwinter-play in Hanunda

Jolly good tunes and mood this sunny almost last day of the year. Thank you HappyK, and Mats for a great day.

hanunda_2011_1 (63K)

Fastreel, The Drawer, and the Red isle-girl.

hanunda_2011_4 (84K)

HappyK always happy!

hanunda_2011_2 (69K)

Stardust and Badger

hanunda_2011_3 (74K)

Torosen, Bosse and HappyK

hanunda_2011_5 (99K)

De geers polska

hanunda_2011_6 (78K)


hanunda_2011_7 (70K)

Black grouse-scientist, Meg and Stardust.

hanunda_2011_8 (81K)

Ending up with some irish tunes.

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