April 2011

April 29th

Stavby-play at lunch-time. pigfoot, skepparschottis, and lowers waltz for starters. Polkett, Eastbirch, and no12 to the coffe-break. Encore Kerstins brudpolska. Lovely weather and just in time for soup.

20110429_2 (86K)

Stavby Church surrounded with green colours.

20110429_3 (56K)

The parish-yard in Stavby.

20110429_1 (41K)

Badger and Fastreel.

April 21th

Easterplay at Torosen. More pictures at Torosens Easterplay 2011

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April 17th

First time for outdoor-session. Trimming tunes for Tuna-play April 29th.

20110417_1 (44K)

Greger in the sun.

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April 15th

Sunrise 06:42 am

20110415 (33K)

April 14th

Kerstin Brudpolska as usual on termsout. This time with the emergency-guitar at work."*The Messinger". GooseAnders in the afternoon.

20110414_1 (40K)

Sunbathing at Fyris-river

20110414_2 (76K)

April 11th

Spelstugan at highmass in Missionchurch. Few members but great sound.

20110409 (49K)

The Icelander waiting for a walk.

April 6th

Sävjafolk meeting at Hattrickman.Starter Hawk-pers Waltz.

20110406 (101K)

April 4th

If you like A Song Called Diary Chords by Little Rabbits you might also like these songs

20110404 (84K)

April 2th

Play-cottage.Lot of musicians. Testing tunes for dancers at oktoberstämman.

20110402 (34K)

April 1th

Between the hospital, and my car "Blenda"

20110401 (73K)