April 2014

April 27th

Guldkatt playing at Sandelska for an 96-years old mother.

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April 24th

Great concert with GooseAnders. Not so many dancers, but many listeners. Missing the Mandolin-man and the smiling-tune. He had a walk-over because of lumbago. Magnificent framing of gunpowders-waltz.

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April 23th

Goose-Anders rehearsal for the concert in Tobo tomorrow. Bananabreak, with gingerbread in the middle of the session.

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April 20th

Easter. Coffe-break in lovely weather.

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April 19th

Fastreel. Long-friday-evening.

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April 12th

Spelmans-battle at Grand.

More pictures at Grand 2014

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April 4th

Tenstaplay, with soup! Masbovalsen, Gubbarna i Tobo, Rådjurssoppan and many other good tunes.

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April 3th

GooseAnders gets crazy!

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