March 2012

March 29th

Rainshine, Sunshower. April-weather. Guldkatt learn a new tune.

20120329 (106K)

March 23th

Warm and sunny weather this week, and the students boarding the quay of Fyris.

20120323 (93K)

March 22th


20120322 (66K)

March 17th

"Alla är vi folk" at Stenhagen.

Guldkatt plays at Stenhagen. First time for Princess of Milkyway to enter the stage.

More pictures at Stenhagen 2012

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March 15th

GooseAnders meeting Henrik and Jan and learning two new tunes.

20120315 (73K)

March 13th

Guldkatt training every evening for Saturdayperformance at "We are all people"

20120313 (74K)

March 8th

Job-walking to the castle

20120308 (51K)

March 4th

Course with Gögen Antonsson. Three Polskor and one Waltz. Four hours totally concentrating. Now we have something to practice.

20120305 (97K)

Lovely morning with hoarfrost

20120304 (66K)

March 1th

Goose-session. This time without the play-leader.

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