January 2013

January 31th

Goose-Anders. This time with a touch of dancemusic, and country!

20130131 (172K)

January 26th

Spelmansstämma Kallhäll. This time only Badger. I really miss Fastreels fiddle. Lot of Valleytunes, and som from MiddlePad.

20130126 (152K)

January 24th

Goosetime. Some tricky tunes with base. Sounds ok.

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January 19th

Trainsession in cold weather

20130119 (238K)

January 18th


20130118_1 (48K)

January 17th


20130116 (31K)

January 16th

Hoven Droven at the favourite restaurante in Uppsala!

January 13th

First spelmansstämma this year at Viksta. More pictures here.

viksta5_2013 (124K)

January 10th


20130110 (83K)

January 7th

Nice meeting with Jenny from Skåne.

Guld_20130107_1 (73K)

Tunes from south and north, and some between.

Guld_20130107 (77K)


January 6th

20 minutes more daylight.

20130106 (91K)

January 5th

Nice sun. Walking on the frozen crust. Listening to a barking dog. And looking at the jumping hare.

20130105 (91K)

January 4th

Three new tunes so far this year!

20130104 (36K)