October 2012

October 27th

Oktoberstämman 2012

More pictures here....

oktober_2012_16 (35K)

October 26th

20121026 (27K)

Cold day. Some snow yesterday. Training. This time with Princess drums.

October 25th

20121025 (28K)

Something is going on in the air behind the fields.

October 23th

20121023 (119K)

Afternoon. Visiting several places today. And a new tune at each place take part in the head.Training old and new tunes every day this week.

October 20th

20121020 (55K)

Herring and poatoe-party in Balingsta. Playing with Aldo, Rune, Bosse and Curt. Great evening and a lot of people.

October 19th

Honour the late , Sven-Georg. Great musician. Gentle tunes with feeling. The GooseAnders really miss him.

20121019 (80K)

October 18th

Goosesession. Traning for tomorrow. Final-call "pedal-organ" (tramporgeln) The third session is impossible!

20121018 (63K)

October 15th

Always the same in Uppsala. Working-streets.

20121015 (75K)

October 11th

Playcottage at Tobo! This time with Erika as leader of the gang. Twenty happy players.

20121011_1 (62K)


20121011_2 (73K)

Hattrickman and PO

October 6th

20121006_2 (72K)

Playcottage, preparing for Tobo.

20121006_1 (79K)

The stopper! No goal backwards in this game.

October 5th

20121006 (85K)

Darker light, but colorful. Time for new tunes.

October 4th

20121004 (68K)

Trainsession at GooseAnders.