October 2011

October 30

Trainsession. Feels better than ever.

20111030 (20K)

October 28

Early morning at Uppsala. Fyris river, waiting for new folkmusic.

20111028 (77K)

October 27

Goose-training. Lot of new Bohlins! Great.

Octoberstämman October 21-22

Last indoor stämma this year. Probably the largest. 1600 visitors. This time with bushplay even at friday night at Uppsala Konsert och Kongress. More pictures at Oktoberstämman 2011

oktstamma_2011_1 (69K)

Concert with saunapeoples. "Frigg"

October 16

Playcottage performance at Missionchurch.

20111016_2 (55K)

Young boy like the sound

20111016_1 (66K)


October 15

Guldkatt playing at Hjälsta Kyrka to Harvest-vesper. Lot of people and a nice evening.

20111015_1 (128K)

Hjälsta Kyrka.

20111015_2 (89K)

Lovely decorations.

20111015_3 (32K)

Spacedisco in the evening.

20111015_4 (229K)

Princess of Milkyway.

October 13

Autumn is coming. Clear and cold weather.

20111013 (71K)

October 12

When Guldkatt thought this would be a calm week, two performance showed up. Night-shift for training.

20111012 (61K)

October 09

Visiting Hawkeye and princess in Birch. Playing some old goodies.

October 08

20111008_mk (33K)

Playcottage. Last rehearsal for Oktoberstämman

October 08 Evening

20111008 (26K)

Partyplay for Marsta-girl. Nice party, with lot of music.Guldkatt playing two session of irish folk.

20111007_2 (41K)

Catepillerghost-guy playing a magic song.

20111008_3 (42K)

Eight year old Daniel singing Beatles.

October 07

Visiting Marsta for tranisession to party-play.

20111007 (56K)

October 06


20111006 (21K)

October 05

Hours of trainsession for upcoming performance.

20111005 (26K)