2010 October

October 23th

Oktoberstämman 2010

This is what we wating for! A light in the dark night. A starshine bright and clear. Music for all day and night. This time with a favourite-band "hoven droven". More pictures at Oktoberstämman 2010

oktstamma_2010_9 (55K)

Photo by Fastreel

October 21th


20101021 (59K)

Celebrating Ulf, the cashiers birthday.

October 17th

Trainsession golden cats.

2011017 (59K)

Some playing the fiddle like a sound of millions of orchids.

October 14th


20101014 (59K)

Structured trainsession for Octoberstämman.

October 13th

20101013 (38K)

Golden cats. Training at school. The third time of the tune, something happends.

October 10th

Magic date. 2010-10-10. Morning service in Denmarks church. Fairly lot of people. Half-full. Some almost crying, listen to butter-irish-tunes. Almost decide a band-name.

20101010_3 (84K)

Center-womens decoration.

20101010_2 (73K)


20101010_4 (101K)

Retrospective thinking, school for someone, sorrow for others, and happiness.

20101010_1 (114K)

Walking for church-coffe.

Uppsala Spelmanslag

October 9th

Uppsala Spelmanslag

20101009 (73K)

Players from the second floor, exercise for Octoberstämman. Erika leading.

October 8th

20101008 (24K)

Moneyview. Uppsala is a nice large town, in a small package. The new County governor, Peter Egardts living place.

October 7th


20101007_1 (55K)

Time for exercise with recorder. Receiving bad and good reviews.

October 3th


20101003_3 (74K)

Screaming children enjoy the turnaround-machine. Badger searching home-knitting socks but get emptyhanded this time.

20101003_2 (75K)

Nice rabbits. Mother with children?

20101003_1 (94K)

fourH-pig. Used to small people.

October 1th

20101001 (99K)

Jamsession begins. Searching name for a band.