July 2012

July 26-28th


Highlight of the year!
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July 22th

Vendelstämman 2012

Eric Sahlstrtöms stämman celebrating Eric 100 years birthday. More people and mostly nyckelharpor this time. Just a few raindrops and four hours of nonstop-playing. Princess won first price at the lottery.
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vendel_2012_19 (60K)

July 20th

Family gathering

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July 16th

Orbituary of Fir-bark-drill (Ips typographus)

20120716 (114K)

July 15th Folkmusik vid Brunnen

Visiting Sätrabrunn.

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July 12th

20120712 (46K)

Hope for summer?

July 2th

Bingsjöstämman 2-4 July.

Highligt of the year. Three days of total playing everywhere and with everbody in Bingsjö.

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