August 2012

August 30th

Goosestart! This time with a new irish tune! Even playing the new A-durs waltz. After this tune Bengans wisdom-words. " this was not romantic" :-) True.

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August 28th

Morning rise in Uppsala. The students assume town. Respectless cycling make the streets and sidewalks dangerous.

20120828 (69K)

August 25th

Celebrathing Eric Sahlström. Exhibit at Uplands museum. Fiddlers parade with over hundred players, walking from the museum to travel centre. Concert with BAO in the evening.And lot of bushplay ofcourse.

20120825_1 (112K)

Fiddlers parade.

20120825_2 (105K)

Playing Spelmansglädje at the Big square.

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August 24th

20120823_1 (66K)

Resting in the sun. Dreaming of all good playing this summer.

August 23th

20120823 (62K)

New schottis on the line. Dribbling tunes all night long.

August 19th

Bysskallestämman Älvkarleby

Weather like a fomentation wrapper, warm and sunny in the beginning and rain in the middle of the party. Guldkatt receive bysskalle-trofé for the first time. Real meatballs, serving by real food-ladys with a low price for players, place this spelmansstämma in top five.

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August 17th

20120817 (39K)

The backyard

August 11th

Spelmansstämma in Lohärad

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August 5th

20120805 (154K)

Pyzzel find a perfect resting-nest in neighbours garden beneath the roses.

20120805_1 (84K)

View at eveningplay. Moose with calf.

August 4th

20120804 (76K)

Aldos Birthday-party. Great evening with playing and good vegetarian food.

20120804_3 (45K)

"This evening Aldo tells he will not play. Well, he dont have to wait long for the first annoncment on stage.

20120804_4 (61K)

...and once more...

20120804_5 (52K)

and so on, for the hole night.

20120804_1 (84K)

Folkmusicians just have to play more. After stage more play in the warm night of August.

August 3th

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Back to mine.