May 2012

May 31th

20120531 (106K)

Art-perfomance with water on the pedestrian street.

May 28th

Sävjafolk reunion

Hattrick setting up a meeting i Ekeby. Sävjafolk reunited. Good tunes, and after coffee-break more players!

20120528 (85K) Håkan, Horselady, Hattrickman, Vespertinus, Badger, Metromona, Gibril, and Playing Lovice. @Photo: Goldmember.

May 27th

Ekeby Spelmansstämma

Warm and sunny day and outdoor-play at Ekeby, Vänge. About twenty players and after allplay, some small bush-play in stable and farmyard.More pictures at Ekeby Spelmansstämma 2012

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May 26th

Climbing to higher level.

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May 24th


20120524 (59K)

May 17th


Traditional spelmansstämma to celebrating the GåsAnders.

More pictures at GåsAnders 2012

gasandersstamma_2012_3 (61K)

May 10th Goosetime.

This time with Gueststar Fastreel.

May 3-6th Shetland Folkfestival

UK's most northerly folk festival, with great artists like, KAN, Admiral Fallow, Treacherous Orchestra, and Sprag Session. This was an unforgetable journey. Worth to travel over 12 hours the reach the island. More pictures at Shetland 2012

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