Korrö Folkmusikfestival 24-28 July 2013

Nice and sunny Korrö invite to good play in the weekend in the end of July. Lot of bushplay at the camp and some really good new tunes. Playing for dancing at the Oktagon. Plenty of bath in the river. Hoven Droven is still the favouriteband.
(Photos: Fastreel and Badger)

korro_2013_6 (71K)


korro_2013_2 (38K)

Short stop in Tranås and Eksjö

korro_2013_1 (81K)

Guldkatt-tour. Fastreel and princess on tour to the border of littleland, and pale-nothing

korro_2013_5 (83K)

Princess won!

korro_2013_7 (82K)


korro_2013_92 (50K)

Nightsession. P-O and Eve.

korro_2013_93 (49K)

Neverendingman and Fastreel.

korro_2013_8 (49K)

Two girls in the night, embedded in a blanket, listen to some g-minor-polskor.

korro_2013_94 (92K)

Tuning up

korro_2013_3 (86K)

On the way to the festival-area.

korro_2013_4 (94K)

Fastreel waiting for the band on stage

korro_2013_9 (56K)

Tall dark strangers.

korro_2013_91 (77K)


korro_2013_95 (65K)

The lead-singer

korro_2013_96 (108K)

Funny tunes

korro_2013_97 (104K)

Jenny and Bushplayauthor-man.

korro_2013_98 (84K)


korro_2013_99 (157K)

Time to wok. Molly prefer sausages.

korro_2013_01 (90K)

Leader of Skatelöv.

korro_2013_02 (112K)

The dancer from last year listen to nudistpolskan.

korro_2013_0001 (109K)

PreAmp and Strawberryman

korro_2013_03 (152K)

Fastreel, Eva, and Strawberryman, listen to a story.

korro_2013_04 (55K)


korro_2013_06 (64K)


korro_2013_07 (49K)

The magic bridge.

korro_2013_09 (52K)

The new group TRUPP Uppland (Neverendingman, Fastreel, and Badger) waiting to enter the stage, after Mia Marin.

korro_2013_001 (56K) In the end of our danceplay, we met "Kurts friend" :-). He shouted that we played on overtime, wich we didn´t. That created a "dålig stämnning" (bad mood) amongst the dancers. korro_2013_002 (58K)

Probably the best folkrockers in the world. HOVEN DROVEN.

korro_2013_0002 (52K)

Princess of Milkyway in butterflydisguise

korro_2013_003 (99K)

Bathing-time. Notice the dog.

korro_2013_004 (120K)


korro_2013_005 (89K)

"And this is how tired I am after dancing polskas and schottis for twenty minutes."

korro_2013_006 (55K)

Valkyrien Allstars

korro_2013_007 (117K)

Obligatory leek

korro_2013_009 (87K)

Bad weather, but no bad feelings the last ten minutes before we left.

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