2010 Nowember

Nowember 27


First time since oktoberstämman. Warming up for Lucia.

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Nowember 25


Training Renate-tunes.

20101125_1 (38K)

Janne, Bosse, Margareta.

20101125_2 (39K)

Margareta, Torbjörn.

20101125_3 (50K)

PlayingLovise, Metromona.

20101125_4 (60K)

Eva, Ulf.

Nowember 21

20101121 (49K)

Chinese evening with nice food, and lecture of the country.

Nowember 17

Three members of Sävjafolk playing oldies, and some new tunes.

20101117 (41K)

Hattrickman and PlayingLovice.

Nowember 16

20101116 (84K)

Neapel-yellow is much nicer.

Nowember 15

20101115 (32K)

All colors in grey shape

Nowember 12


For the 24th time in GooseAnders-spelmanslags history, the Mårten Gås-party was celebrated in församlingshemmet, Björklinge. Several musicians from northern uppland, vistited this time, and had a nice evening with soup, and music.

gasfest_2010_1 (71K)

De geers polska.

gasfest_2010_2 (50K)

Fellow from Vattholma playing torsdagspolskan.

gasfest_2010_3 (63K)

Bengan named this band as " the grey mushrooms"

gasfest_2010_4 (60K)

Nice french tune

Nowember 10th

20101110 (23K)

Times up for mickey. The great warrior "pyzzel" had done it again.

Nowember 9th

Cultural evening at Musiklådan.
Playing swedish music for children and their parents at Musiklådan. The moor-mother-eve works here. Food from all over the world.

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Nowember 7th

Sunrise at the flat uppland. Nice colors. New name on my mind. Rockad!

20101107_1 (23K)

photo: Fastreel

Nowember 4th

Afternoon at work

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