October 2013

October 31 Goose

20131031 (46K)

October 25-26 Oktoberstämman

Better than ever? Is that possible? Yepp! More people. Lot of bushplay and good concerts. More pictures at Oktoberstämman 2013

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October 19

Playcottage-session. Soon on stage at UKK.

20131019_1 (75K)

Today with bass

20131019_2 (54K)

Torosen and Hattrickman.

20131019_3 (66K)

Potatoesevning at Balingsta Bygdegård.. Guldkatt playing some tunes in the corner. And some young children playing piano.

October 17


20131017 (65K)

October 12

20131012_2 (25K)

Playcottage. Lot of new people. Cool. And Erika is the ultimate teacher in folkmusic.

20131012_1 (70K)

Short break

20131012 (59K)

New dancing-style.

October 11

20131011 (143K)

Autumn-tunes. Fox in the forest.

October 1-6

Guldkatt-tour to Rhodos. Princess did a great performance at teen-idol. Fastreel and Badger rest most of the time amoung the pool.

20131004 (41K)

Princess and Fastreel on the top of Lindos.

20131004_1 (72K)


20131005_2 (38K)

Princess in TeenIdol.

20131005_1 (45K)

Release me

20131005 (49K)

All the kids.