Vendelstämman 2011.

Best Vendel so far! Nice weather. A bit windy, but in the right direction from double-bass. Playing non-stop for nearly four hours.

vendel_2011_4 (100K)

More people this year.

vendel_2011_5 (108K)

And more fun

vendel_2011_4 (100K)

The sun shines over the audience and players.

vendel_2011_6 (79K)

Time for ice-cream

vendel_2011_7 (89K)

Harmonica-player. Meg and Hattrickman in background.

vendel_2011_2 (23K)

Bagman and Badger at stage (photo: Fastreel)

vendel_2011_3 (57K)

Ombyggnadspolskan (Fastreel and PO)

vendel_2011_8 (97K)


vendel_2011_9 (81K)

Rehearsel before dance-session

vendel_2011_10 (125K)


vendel_2011_11 (60K)

Vespertinus and Keyman

vendel_2011_12 (83K)

nyckelharpa 1

vendel_2011_13 (73K)

nyckelharpa 2

vendel_2011_14 (95K)

around the flagpole