Östebystämman June 17th 2017

From the start we had decided not to leave.
But on Saturday morning we had a wonderful weather, and we still left.
We did not have to regret it. Awesome play with second-tune witchers,
Lars and Timmy, moneybridgeman and many others.
(Explain a little later who Timmy is) osterby_11 (198K)

This is so happy you will be when you visit a spellman's meeting.

osterby_1 (268K)

On stage the Österby-harpers.

osterby_2 (247K)

Sunny. The audience take place in the shadow.

osterby_3 (150K)

Olov,testing a nyckelharpa

osterby_4 (238K)


osterby_7 (271K)

And here he is. The playableman with a hamburger.
Long time since we met him, and nowadays he have a new outfit.

osterby_8 (270K)

The real play starts. Fastreel and secondtuneswitcher.

osterby_9 (263K)

Bluewing in front.

osterby_10 (148K)

Sitting just opposite of Tommy, the cittraplayer.
Or, Timmy as the folkplay-magazine called him in the review of the new cd-album.

osterby_12 (201K)

I´m filled with joy to sit here around so many good players, and being a small part with all the music.

osterby_13 (269K)

Wallin in front. I just missed to say hallo to Jernberg. He is hiding behind Wallin.

osterby_14 (232K)

Some more players.

osterby_15 (243K)

Seeing Josefin and Friday, when we are leaving. The best of polskas
in Bb turns up in my head, but it have to wait until next time we meet.

End of day one. Well there is several thing to do this time of season. But this was a happy day. And the morning after we look to each other and say.
- Lets go one more day. The sunday was more windy and the tunes just throw away.
The play was moved to the mansion, the hamburgers was better and cost more. The best play was inside with Angeltune and company. The acoustics in the high sealing and stone-roof made the sound in good mood.
We also have a look at all the masters of nyckelharpor. (playableman won a price)

Music.... is life.