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At last the last day of the year.

20151231 (162K)

Some winter at last. 10 degrees below zero. The guitars dont like it.

20151228_1 (108K)

The Fastreel-barn on the small way to middle of nowhere.

SävjaFolk session

20151228 (166K)

75% of SävjaFolk, and two gueststars at Lill-Tibble. Difficult to remember the tunes, when the tuneremeber, "Hattrickman" couldn´t joined us this evening. Vespertinus did not show up, but we play marcuspolskan, and Istoka.

Is this winter?

WTF! Haymaking in december? Well not really. But it´s 12 degrees and warm wind from south. El Ninjo is coming.
The store is full on the second floor of the stable, and Fastreel taking a deep breath of happiness.

Christmas on the way

20151206 (263K)

2th advent. Playcottage play in the mass. Comment from the audience.
- You dont have to use notes, and you always look so happy at your perfomance.
- Well, you will be happy with folkmusic.

Last playcottage for the season

20151205_1 (204K)

Discussing start-tunes of a polska seldom played.

20151205_2 (194K)

About 30 people every time at playcottage. Estimated playsession.

20151205_3 (177K)

Stardust and MrG act the team for starters for us without a bow.

Moving forward

20151203 (113K)

Testing, and listening.Some sluggish winter. Maybe it´s a new sound soon. More Irish now. In the summer it wasn´t time for the kind of music.


20151128_1 (398K)

One weekend just before the christmas-stress gathering the best friends of folkmusic at Lill-Tibble. This is amazing moments. Stardust, Rockryd, Healty, Startingssons and Jane filled the night with lovely tunes. Eight hours of music. Not even time to have more than short brakes for some food.

20151128_2 (164K)

Playing a smooth waltz from valley-land.


20151126 (160K)

Two tunes with Irish touch from Spotify. Not so difficult, but in hands with Guldkatt, it would be some different sound.

Just a little bit.

20151115 (129K)

A tiny bit of sunshine.
Won’t you be my sunshine,
come on waste of all my precious time
your smile is always on my mind
won’t you be my sunshine
"Teddybears FIFA-time"


Ending of a fantastic year of celebrating the runwaltz-master GåsAnders. 200 year since he was born.

20151116_5 (149K)

The Teamleader

20151116_4 (184K)


20151116_2 (135K)


20151116_1 (194K)

Nyckelharpa and Ukulele

20151116_6 (172K)

Smooth tunes

20151116_7 (169K)


20151116_3 (270K)

Bushplay. Not really. After allplay in the big room, we all moved around the kitchen, and play more.

20151116_8 (197K)


20151116_9 (141K)

A man not often in the pictures because he is the reel photografer.


20151112 (345K)

A week of trainsession. Testing a new irish tune every evening.

20151112_1 (91K) 20151112_2 (84K)

Peoples worst once again.

vasteras (184K)

Friday sending a message at thursday.
-Are you going West on friday?
Driving almost an hour late friday-night in complete darkness. Well, it has been much easier to just go home after work, and lay in the sofa sipping a cold beer. First one hour of traditional olddance-tunes (gammaldans), with accordion, flute, and guitar. Friday arrive and we have a nice session in a room with election-pray-preparation. (valberedningen). Hope that our tunes made the right decision for this men. The election-pray-man has to play with us, and in one hour we a nice evening ended with dance-play.

Two sun!

20151028 (396K)

Wednesday morning. Tired people walk, drive, and most of all take the bike to work.


Oktober2015_3 (268K)

All time high! More pictures at OKTOBERSTÄMMAN 2015

Final touch

20151022 (171K)

Stabletime. Last tune before the performance at UKK.


sundsvall_1_2015 (112K)

Driving to Sundsvall over the weekend, and Samspelsmedalj. More pictures at SAMSPELSMEDALJ 2015

One week left.

20151010 (121K)

Saturday afternoon. Time for rehersal to Up-playing for togheter-medal-play in Sundsvall, next week. Below zero for almost the first time.

And just two weeks until oktoberstämman.

Inspector of the Fore-school.

20151002 (36K)

Mantle,crown, guitar, and speaking with black queen.


20151001 (189K)

Coffeebreak at the Goose-session. Training for Oktoberstämman. Two performences. A concert, and dance-play.

Preparing for for Sundsvall.

20150927 (186K)

Where is the perfect match of tunes? You have to train, and train but enough to spare the spirit and joy of music.

To the center-stämm!

Clip from youtube. Music from 1:30.

Playing with professionals. Yesfine (Josefin) Earyesn (Örjan) and Freeday (Frida) Two tunes. 1. The team-tune for a political party. and 2. Skepparschottis. In the same time a circus-artist made a spectacular performing with a big ring. Dancers and a spelmanslag from Dalarna, did a great final. Yoy can see it at youtube. Just click at the link.

20150923_1 (215K)


Harvest at the castle of Wik.

20150920_1 (261K)

Folkmusic from folks in the neigbourhood. Third time we visit Wik. Startunes? Easy to find this time. Polska till Wik, and Polska från Wik of course.

20150920 (236K)

The castle beaneth trees.


20150919_1 (136K)

Playcottage in two shapes. Mostly of the members going to play i Tobo next week. So after the break we split up.

20150919_2 (175K)

Meg in the middle.

Back to business

20150917 (209K)

Back in the stable. The celebration of the Goose isn´t over yet.

Night of culture

No play from Guldkatt. Listen to good music from several artists.

20150912_3 (166K)

Thinwhistle at St Eriks square, South american dance, and dark clouds walking from lye-hopscotch to center of arts.

20150912_1 (97K)

20150912_6 (134K)


Big square, and Clara Lindesjö.

20150912_4 (65K)

20150912_7 (88K) 20150912_8 (92K)

Helping hand

Helping Anders Hägg, with some chords in Hållnäs polska by Ceylon Wallin.


20150906 (350K)

Meeting new playmates. Well we have meet several times before, but this is a serious session for a political thing in the late september.

Planets at earth.

20150827 (156K)

A walk with the dogs in the nature, makes me a better folkmusic-player.


20150822_1 (282K)

Sun is shining. Lot of people in town. At the forumsquare Uplands spelmansförbund gather musicians to celebreate the day of folkmusic. People stopping by, and listen to schottis, gånglåtar, polskor, and polketter. A women from the french part of Canada, travel around europe listen to folkmusic, and have a little tree-doll always with her. She put the doll up on the nyckelharpa, and took a picture.


20150821_3 (155K)

Not so easy to make a perfect photo with three dogs.


20150820 (199K)

Forward in music. New, nice tunes from neverendingman at facebook. Memorising at the dawn in the fog.

20150820_1 (286K)

Afternoon. Start with the Goose. Testing tunes for the church-play in a couple of weeks, and talk about the summerplay around the country. I had the opportunity to play in the sun, half an hour before we start.


20150814 (211K)

Guldkatt rocks at friday evening. The warm and nice weather is perfect for outsideplay.


20150813 (214K)

Some music just pops up in the head at times when you did not expect it. You sing the song and it is clear and bright. Every tune is right. And then you hear a song on radio, and at once you cant remember the tune before. And the bees changing the stops in the field of flowers.


20150810_1 (126K)

Several years ago, there was a spelmansstämma in Hagby, at the mill. I would be nice if it happens again. This monday 30 people with instruments show up, and play. Earlier in the end of summer, it was playtime at Husbyborg, but for now they could not play there. (Dont know the reason)
The chruchplayer help them to finish the meetings and booked the townshiphome (församlingshem) for two mondays.

20150810 (273K)


Spelmansstämma Lohärad

Back to the roots with mother to Lohärad. It look all the same as when uncle Konrad, Märta and Linnea lived here.
Few players, most of them new for me. Mostly from Stockholms-area.

20150808_3 (82K)

A lot of stories from the past with uncle Lennart. Have some traditional play with five nyckelharpor at bushplay.

20150808_4 (256K)

Nice garden for playtime.

20150808 (261K)

Allplay. Some new tunes

20150808_2 (255K)

Rocking organ.


20150807 (223K)

Neverendingman-family on vacation travelling from the north and passed by att Lill-Tibble. Playing all night.


20150803 (176K)

This picture would have been excellent with some nice schottis as background-music.

There is more than music.

20150802 (139K)

Sometime you have to leave folkmusic and get some input for the eyes. Modern museum at Stockholm.


korro2015_25 (255K)

Wow! What a feeling! More pictures at Korröfestivalen 2015


vendel2015_6 (377K)

In the middle of summer Vendel is the right place to be. Traditional spelmansstämma with good music. More pictures at Vendelstämman 2015

Racing round the field

20150713 (283K)

Joie the vivre. Fast tunes, fast dogs.

Up on the hill

20150712 (243K)

Sonic up on Badgers flowerhill. Waiting for hunting Pica pica at the backyard.

Summerscales and new tunes.

20150707 (151K)

Ten new tunes for Korrö


20150706 (195K)

The microphone-button is not feeling well. And the instrumentdoctor is on vacation. I have to do this on my own, With a mirror, and wrench it was nearly finished. Well I forgot the mirror and have to use a pair of salad servers and Fastreel to assist the surgery.

Bingsjöstämman 2015 June 28- July 2

Four days of total play from the morning until the sun rise. The chilly weather change in twenty-four hours and we have great warm days. 150 year since Hjort-Anders was born. He grow up in this little place and have formed the music until our days.
This year with border music of folk and pop in the night.
Enough with text, lets say as Hjort-Anders..."Let the bow speak!"
More pictures at Bingsjöstämman 2015

bingsjo_37 (192K)

Church of Bingsjö

Just before the valleylands-journey.

20150626 (349K)

Testing tunes for Bingsjö, outside, in the garden. This picture will exhibit the choice of melodies. Like stars in the universe.

Spelmansstämma Härkeberga

harkeberga_1_2015 (351K)

Sun is shining. The players are happy, and lot of us travel to Härkeberga. This time we was called Goldtreasure, Guldskatt. :-) Some trouble as always with the refrain in Enköpingsvalsen. Ten years ago I heard it at Torstuna, and it sounds similiar this time. Nothing seems to changed. Inga-Maj Tisserant leading the allplay, and they even put in some songs between the playlist. Smart draw to engaged the audience. Playing some good fast polskor with Frida at the backyard.
More pictures at Härkeberga-stämman

Midsummer 2015 in Hammarskog with Guldkatt featuring MrG

20150619_1 (280K)

Waiting for the next tune in a key we did not expect. :-)
Hundreds of people waiting for seven nice girls, little frogs, and sorry-olles tune. Anna Marklund leads the song, and MrG enjoy us with his clarinett. Chilly weather, but no rain. Well, the tune we did not except, was sju vackra flickor. Tricky chords.

20150619 (290K)

FyrisGille dancing traditional. Great performance. They have three sessions this day amoung Uppland.

Dans-ladu, here we come.

20150614_1 (511K)

Playcottage in a new place, at disponent-house. Training for Bingsjö and danceplay at the Dans-ladu. The hunter-lady is deeply concentrate in the tune. Bushauthor-player has the kontrabas-harpa, and testing some lower second-tunes.
MrG always in good shape, starting the tunes, and the BlackGroosescientist follow the list and introduce some new melodies.

Oops, not again.

20150614 (150K)

This time it was the right time, but wrong day to play. Did it in my own way at home.
Dogs listening and the cat went out. The wheather is not like summer yet.

Ramstalunds new memorial-place.

20150607_1 (127K)

GooseAnders playing at Ramstalunds church.

20150607_3 (89K)

At the memorial-place

Perfomance at Kvekgården, Örsundsbro.

20150605_1 (287K)

Whats happening? Prisoners from the local jail? No.ThiS fellows arrive from the Liljegardens house. Very safe travel-wagon-trip, for the old people. And they like it, thats for sure.
Guldkatt playing some good old tunes, and the dogs barks everytime the audience applause.

20150605_5 (317K)

Kvekgården is an ancient farm from the 17 century. First summerday with beautiful weather.

20150605_2 (329K)

Fastreel waiting to play.

20150605_3 (252K)

The church-sew-association singing

20150605_4 (226K)

Waiting for session two

Eveningdinner with the Goose

20150604_1 (104K) 20150604_2 (75K) 20150604_3 (219K)

Great play and terms out at mr B. The night was to short this time.


20150603 (202K)

Testing tunes for upcoming events. Woops! Time is running.

Street-music with class.

20150601 (303K)

Monday lunch. Princess, and football/fiddler-friend have a performance at the mainstreet with the music-class.

Tribute for the Goose.

20150531_3 (237K)

GåsAnders 200 year-celebration. Three of the most famous fiddlers of Uppland have a concert at Uplands Nation to tribute this great fiddler. Olov Johansson, most famous as a nyckelharp-fiddler in the group "Väsen". Robert Larsson, related to Viksta-Lasse. And Erika Liljenstolpe, the one and only.


20150531_1 (97K) 20150531_2 (114K)

Ten or twelve player. More listeners. Summer is still waiting to arrive.

Last session in the stable.

20150528 (262K)

Drawing the lines for the autumn. New tunes to rehearse in summer. Valleyvillage-Runes instrument in the coffee-break.


Hagsta12 (248K)

The great Hagstaststämma in Skåne. More pictures at Hagstastämman 2015

GåsAndersträffen 2015

gas2015_25 (253K)

Celebrating the master of runwaltzes (springvalser) More pictures at GåsAndersträffen 2015

Peoples worst in Västerås

20150501 (65K)

Emegencyplay in Västerås at folkligt värre. Jane, Lars o Tommy was at the place, and I study the cittra-play in the evening. New chords made! Nice new tunes for me from Jane.

Guldkatt goes east.

20150424 (47K)  20150424_1 (71K)

Play for duty-free folks in Tuna.

Goose in Tobo

20150423 (250K)

Goose in Tobo. Traditional play for some years. Not so many dancers this evening. More players. The accordion-session have to songs that probably not was written by the Goose.


20150419 (203K)

At last the new tunes come! Like a pipeline of music streaming, flowing like they never will stop.


20150418 (341K)

Playcottage without Meg. Blackgroose-scientist learn us a new tune. Sunny warm spring but we prefer to have a good session inside.

GooseAnders at Hagby.

hagby1 (67K) hagby2 (106K) hagby3 (75K) hagby4 (80K)

GooseAnders (Gåsandersbygdens spelmanslag) goes to west and Hagby. This is the second time we visiting this country. 50 people in the audience. Good play mostly GåsAnders ofcourse, this celebrating year.

Weather of April

20150413 (175K)

Weather of April. Sun, rain, snow, in a couple of a few moments. It is spring.

Broken and fixed!

20150412 (200K)

Princess nyckelharpa broken! Dont know how.

20150412_1 (112K)

Travelling to the Keeharpbuilder, Martin, and he fixed it in two days! He is a marvellous man.


20150409_1 (124K)

Goosetime. Close to concert-time. Nice sunset.


20150408 (163K)

Trees in town. Spring in the air.

Waiting for something to show up.

Waiting for new fresh tunes to come right in to the heart. Just like the Buzzard in the tree, waiting for something to eat. Long time since new melodies entrance to us. Have to listen more of rythms from oldies.
Bluegrass, amuse me more and more.


20150406 (194K)

Free to play. Trainsession alone. Useful time to make RosaLee a chance to deliver. She is a beauty. In the evening a Blue Tit made a trip outside the window.


20150405 (234K)

Whistle a tune without name. Recording it with a background-sound of fried bacon. Generally it dissappeare but this tune hang around for the whole week. Must be a special one.
Something tell me its from Jämtland, but I am not sure.
The farmers stable, sings on the final verse, and going to tear down in near future.


20150328 (205K)

Time for playcottage. Today in competition with Johnny Soling at Ekeby. But 15 people was here. Two roundkicks. Badger has forget the ungkarlpolska, but at the end of the session MrG and Meg appear it from nowhere. Larus Ridibundus at Fyris river. Screaming and just beautiful as always.

There is occasions when the right internetsite just beat your heart. Vårdinge by, peoplehighschool. I just want to have a break.

Easter is coming.

20150327 (235K)

Feathers in trees at the walkingstreet. Found some new tunes at Spotify.

Death in the stairs

20150326 (150K)

Find some cigarettes at the stairs. Visiting the hospital and there was no 85F. Work to much and play more seldom. Well, one hour a day is not much, or? This night the Goose. Good play. Some tune in jazz-mood and Schottis like reggae. We have found a new dimension of traditional folkmusic without forgetting the roots.

Week starts with rain

20150323 (215K)

Behind the wheel, monday morning.Sad weather and five more days to go. No more guitar at work.

Changing tunes

20150321 (104K)

Hawkeye visiting and we change some tunes and play some oldies.

Trees and music

20150315 (195K)

Sunny and warm morning with tree-cutting. This kind of work, make me almost in the same mood like sitting with the guitar, and playing folkmusic. Maybe it is old humankind who is speaking to me.


Party for Klara and Lisa. Nice to meet old friends to the son, and realize that they have growing up and getting much older. :-)
The place for tonight was rather small, or if you look from another ancle,...they have so many friends.
A narrow session with fore-drinks and snacks in dangerous position for the instruments.
With a 12-years old nyckelharps-player in the front you dont have to be worry about the tunes. The audience seems to like it very much.

Guldkatt evening.

20150314 (224K)

Tomorrow Birthday-play for for the twins Klara and Lisa. Guldkatt set aside the evening for training. Ölandsvalsen goes best this night. You can here it at Soundcloud, tretakt Olandsvalsen The drum-session seems to ringrosty.

It is going to draw together itself (det börjar dra ihop sig)

20150305 (134K)

Celebration-nerves. Not so many sessions left until deadline. Badger is more and more amused with the tune Calfbone. (kalvbenet) A polka with strange verses.

Mess Miss

20150227 (89K)

Drifting in space. Moving everywhere. Some going to quit, and I am depressed like the 12th-strings guitars tuned in lower direction. And what more? Just forget the guitar on thursday and have to skip the session with the Goose.
At top of this the car broke and I have a very slow homeway. Well, I still have all the guitars, and the music.


Ski Championship has to be informed the days when playcottage has meetings, so in not will collide with this great session.Only 15 fiddlers today. Four nyckelharps. Have some trouble to find a tune when the turn to chose come to me.
HappyK (on the picture)screamed on the right places, as usual at RappKalles vals.

Goose again

20150219 (250K)

Fiddler nest in the stable. Todays Goose take the time to shape up the playlist for coming concert.

PO and Eve

20150214 (340K)

Goldplay with PO and Eve hole day and night. And always an animal in the middle.


20150212_1 (62K)

Goosesession. The base-man likely michelangelos painting.


Finding at nice place on the net. Old time fiddle tunes Wow it is a gold-mine for thirsty music-searchers. I dreaming away for hours for all the tunes all over the world. So far away but the music decrease the distance and it seems to be here in the backyard.


20150205 (92K)

Sunlight. 2 more hours of lovley light. Goosetime discussion about the right tunes. We are getting more and more forward for the perfect sound.


20150202 (185K)

Winter at last. Monday morning. Irish music ringing in my ears.

Irish weekend

A weekend with workshops, and concert, and som great bushplay at UKK. Members from Lunasa teaching at Friday night, and Saturday.

20150131_2 (107K)

Ten years jubilee.

20150124 (241K) January 2015 20071022 (308K) October 2007

Ten year with playcottage. Started as a small meeting and has increase to over 30 members now. Meg was the introducer. Gently she moved us forward with lot of love for music.
Many people has past by, and since two years back there is one playcottage, and one playmansteam (spelmanslag).


20150123 (199K)

Yesterday, GooseTime. Many things will happends in the future. Today, homework and Sonic is the one that enjoy it most of us. Rather cold weather, and a glimp of sunshine.

Starting the Goose.

20150115 (305K)

Start of the season. Almost everyone here, and hungry for some goldies, and some new tunes. This is the year to celebrate the reel Goose. 200 years since the GåsAnders was born and the tunes are still going strong.

Twenty-day knot

This is a tradition that has not change for centuries. The ”pulltunes” (dragspel) is more seldom. Not so many new players. Guldkatt put on the play with fiddle, singing, and guitar. Not so easy but we got all tunes with help from the dancers.
Some has been to old for fishing.


Strange feeling.

20150110 (177K)

Driving in the evening and suddenly the headlights of the car just disappeard. It appears just a few minutes later.Ok, thats not so incredible, but the continuiation was more strange. One mile further, a black shadow appears. It is a car with no backlights! Aurora borealis fenomena? Extraterrastrials?


20141224 (392K)

What direction have the tunes? I am not sure it is a planned choice. After a course in neuroscience I understand that all things that happends in midbrain and frontal cortex is so complex and amazing. Feelings is strong associated with music. The muscles has a music-memory. It seems that every part of body is involved.


20150103 (177K)

Vintehämpling, Twite, Carduelis flavirostris made a visit to the neighbourhood. Nice weather to take a walk, and humming new tunes. Playing some on my own with RosaLee.

Great start of the new year.

20150102 (231K)

What a night at the event ”Peoples worst” (Folkligt värre) in the cucumbers city, Västerås. Nice evening framed in waldorff-style. P-O teach us two new tunes from Uppland. And after danceplay, we have an extraordinary session with
P-O and Eve, and a few västeås-players.

korro (217K)

If everone send me a proposal of a folkmusic-tune instead of a candy chrush I would like the FB much more. Here come one tip of tunes from this lovely site. Folkwiki Lackströms polska The picture are from last years outstanding festival. Korrö

2015 New Year!

Happy New Year to all Folkmusiclovers! New year and new possibilities. 2014 was great year with music all around the country. Bingsjö a bit cold but the camp played with warm clothes and wollen caps. Mystery man was the new tune. PreAmp had found it on internet, and we change the sound a bit so it fit the Swedish style.
Spelstugan delivered both with concerts and for dancers. It had become a huge group. Over 30 people each playsession.
Korrö was outstandning. Warm weather and best play ever. The camp is now called PLAYALOT. Suitable name for a camp that always have a short way to start good music. We have tried irish music from Guidwires at UKK, and also have lovely trip to Skåne to visit our best friend at Brainharp (Hjärnarp)
The platform for traditional music come from GooseAnders (GåsAnders) . Almost every Thursday at stable we tried new exciting tunes from this great player, and also other musicians around northern Uppland. This year we celebrate 200 year since GooseAnders was born. Don't miss the AscensionDay . You can read more information about the celebration at
Guldkatt is moving to upper levels. Princess of Milkyway, playing mostly Nyckelharpa for now and there is a lot of new tunes and sound.
At last. I am so greatful for the new member ”RosaLee” A Guild F-1512 E. 12-string. She came just before Christmas, and I am playing all day now.

Music.... is life.