Vendelstämman 19 Juli 2015

Tribute to Eric Sahlström. In the middle of summer. Blueberries in the wood. Colored lights at the danceplace at Ottarsborg. Nevercheat (Näverlur) starts. The weather is good, and the plays starts with allplay, as always.

vendel2015_1 (247K)

Bushauthorplayer blowing in traditional, and a touch of jazz.

vendel2015_2 (256K)

Erika continued with a tremendous resume of the years of good play. Blueberry-picking, Fore-stämmor. Camping at Ottarsborg. And the smell of green grass and liqour.

vendel2015_5 (249K)

Weather is unreliable. Rain is waiting in the corner. Not so many players this year, but enough for good play.

vendel2015_10 (318K)

Pull-plays. (dragspel)

vendel2015_11 (335K)

Tensta folkdancers deliver plenty of nice dances.

vendel2015_12 (348K)

The musicsection.

vendel2015_13 (348K)

The playableman emerge in the late hour, and starts to discuss the buildning.

vendel2015_14 (349K)

The nestor, playing with tobo/japanese-girls.

vendel2015_15 (291K)

Small bush-play.

vendel2015_3 (145K)

Nice Manchester-terrier.

vendel2015_4 (254K)

Folkdress interference with the background.

vendel2015_6 (377K)

Nice session, so big.

vendel2015_7 (364K)

Nyland and more come to enjoy.

vendel2015_8 (202K)

Some more new tunes in the backyard.

vendel2015_9 (310K)

Hattrickman, and the Hunter.

Music.... is life.